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Pool and Spa Chemicals

We carry a complete range of pool and spa chemicals to meet every need. 

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pool & Spa chemicals

Pools and spas are for enjoyment. Keeping them in tip-top shape is essential to that enjoyment.

You need to ensure the water is effectively sanitized to prevent the onset of bacteria, viruses and algae. The pool and spa water also needs to be correctly balanced using "balance" chemicals for the best bathing comfort, and also to preserve the surface of the pool and spa and the pump, filter and heater.

Pools also needs to be kept clean through adequate filtration, regular brushing and vacuuming, and regular water replacement. Backwash the filter regularly, and empty the skimmer baskets to achieve good water flow and skimming of the pool surface.

Develop an on-going maintenance regime - it's easier to stay on top of a clean pool than to fix a green pool.

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